Protect your hearing by wearing earplugs

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How does the ear works?

The working of an ear is more complex than it appears to be. The journey of the sound starts from the Pinna which is channeled in to the tunnel like ear canal and vibrates the ear drum. The pinna and the ear canal constitute the external ear. The eardrum in turn moves a chain of 3 bones. These are the smallest bones of our body and are a part of the middle ear. Vibrations are then passed on to the fluid filled inner ear or the shell shaped Cochlea. The Cochlea contains tiny sensory cells called hair cells which convert these vibrations in to electrical signals. The signals are carried to our brain by the Auditory nerve. When the signals reach our brain, Bing! We hear the sound and you would be amazed to know that all these phenomena occur in a jiffy. The inner ear also has three loop-like canals that help us balance in all our day to day activities.

normal auditory development


Every parent is concerned about their child’s health and well being right from the birth of the child. They observe the child in order to make sure that the child is growing and learning things according to his/her age.

hearing loss


Hearing loss is reduction in ability to hear/understand sounds and varies in severity from mild to profound. Depending on the part of the ear affected there can be three types of hearing loss.

management of hearing loss


Hearing aids are devices that amplify sounds to make it audible for the hearing impaired. They are simple electronic devices with a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker.

What is Audiology?

The study of the entire field of hearing, including the nature and conservation of hearing, identification and assessment of hearing loss and the rehabilitation of all those with hearing impairments. Within the field, there are specialties of diagnostic work, rehabilitation, research and teaching.


Who are Audiologists?

A licensed and/or certified professional trained to identify and measure hearing loss and rehabilitate those with hearing and speech problems. Audiologists are trained to determine where hearing loss occurs. They also assess the effect of the hearing loss on the ability to communicate and offer hearing aid evaluation and orientation, auditory training, training in speech reading techniques and speech conservation and counseling.

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>> Protect your hearing by wearing earplugs in noisy working environments.

>> Keep the volume down on your stereo and headphones.

>> Don’t go poking around in your ears even with cotton swabs.

>> If you suspect a hearing loss, consult an ENT doctor or an audiologist immediately.

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